FL340 Pulse Oximeter with APP & PC Software, Vibration Notification

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The FL340 Pulse Oximeter is one of the smallest ring pulse oximeters on the market capable of overnight-continuous monitoring for blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. This oxygen monitor uses the same transmissive oximetry technology trusted by hospitals and health clinics. The FL340 fits most finger shapes and sizes. The device requires 2 hours of charging via the USB charging port for a full charge that provides up to 14 hours of usage. The battery lasts through the night for overnight-continuous monitoring.

Blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and body movements are automatically measured in one-second intervals when wearing the monitor. The FL340 features vibration notifications for alerting to low O2 levels, O2 saturation levels, and heart rate. Built-in smart vibration nudges the wearer to adjust their sleep posture when the device detects blood oxygen levels or heart rate outside of the threshold range set in the app.

The free professional mobile app and PC reporting software show a graphic sleep report, SpO2 condition trends, heart rate, and movement. The smartphone app includes settings to notify the wearer of low oxygen events. The event recording provides detailed information such as the time the event was detected, the frequency of the event, and body activity data. The PC software exports CSV format reports and includes the exact SpO2 and heart rate values in four-second intervals, providing data suitable for sleep studies.

The World's First Wearable Ring Oxygen Monitor
  • √ Track overnight blood oxygen levels and heart rate every second with medical accuracy.
  • √ Built-in vibrator alerts low blood oxygen levels or irregular heart rate events.
  • √ Totally Free APP and PC report.
  • √ Sleek, comfortable, elegant design.
  • √ Built-in Rechargeable battery.
  • √ Built-in memory.

Box contains:
  • 1 x FL340 Smart Ring Oxygen Monitor
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 Year Worry-Free Warranty

 Software Download (28.5 MB)

The FL340 Ring Pulse Oximeter is worn on the finger for automatically detecting blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body movements. Measurements are recorded in one-second intervals during sleep. The FL340 uses the same transmissive oximetry technology that is trusted by hospitals and health clinics. 

Ring Oxygen Saturation Monitor

This FL340 pulse oximeter automatically tracks your blood oxygen level, heart rate, and body movements in single-second intervals with accurate results.

Accurate and Reliable

FL340 pulse oximeter uses the same transmissive oximetry technology trusted by hospitals and clinics.

Smart Vibration Reminder

Built-in Smart Vibration nudges the wearer to adjust their sleep posture when the oximeter detects blood oxygen levels or heart rate outside of the threshold range set in the app.

Free App Shows Overnight Data

Users can sync data to the smartphone app to enable low oxygen event notifications. The event recording includes detailed information such as the time the event was detected, the frequency of the recorded event, and body activity data.

Take a Home Sleep Apnea Test

Download the monitor’s overnight oximetry data via the O2 Insight PC software* and share unlimited PDF or CSV format PC reports with your doctor. CSV format reports show exact O2 and heart rate values in four-second intervals, providing detailed data to reference for sleep studies.

*Note: Software is only compatible with Windows PCs. Software not compatible with Mac.

FL340 app

Extended Specifications:

Weight: 0.53oz / 15g
Dimensions: 1.5" x 1.2" x 1.5"
Ring Perimeter: 2.4" - 3.4" / 61mm - 86mm
Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Battery: 3.7 Vdc, rechargeable lithium-polymer, 12h - 16h for typical use
Charge Time: 2 - 3 hours
Degree of Dust and Water Resistance: IP24
Recorded Parameters: Oxygen level, pulse rate, motion
Vibration Source:
Mobile App for iOS: iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s / iPad 3 or above
Oxygen Level Range: 70% - 99%
Measure Interval: 1s
Display Interval in App Data Chart: 4s
Built-in Memory: 4 sessions, up to 10 hours for each
Mobile App for Android:
Compatible Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10, not compatible with Mac

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Scott Miller

The APP for this devise doesn't work. Could you give me another one.

Joseph Sadlier
Great tool for Seniors. Really if you have COBD ........

$105 is a GREAT, great price. I paid "GetWellue" $165 and to this day I don't regret it. I needed it and don't regret my purchase. You'll understand if you read on.

I am 81 1/2 and have smoked since I was 13. February this year I attended a Pulmonologist because I was finding it hard to breathing when I exerted myself. I came across this Ring Oximeter. I bought one and showed it to my Dr and what it was indicating . "Tung in Cheek" she said "Oh Ye". However she called a nurse and told her to take me on a 6 minute walk exercise test using their Oximeter. I want to the bathroom while the nurse reported the results to my DR.

When I got back to the Drs office. She was on the phone to the Veterans Administration saying . This wan needs Portable Oxygen "Yesterday". I'm on my way out of the office and a VA Oxygen supplier calls me on my phone. his question was. Are you home? My answer is No. He says I have an Oxygen unit for you.. I said my front door is unlocked put it inside and forge my signature. I was impressed.

Well after a CAT & a PET Scan I diagnosed with lung Cancer in my left lung. It was my fault and I tool responsibility for my situation ..... I get 12 treatments of Chemo, 33 Radiation treatments I got Very very tired, very weak after some of the Chemo Treatments.. I lost my hair but no nausea, Vomiting or diarrhea. I was prepared for the worst and in retrospect. It was a "Cake Walk"!

So my White Cell Count goes down to 0.65 and I get Pneumonia and recover with the aid of Antibiotics. After all my treatment I go to home to Ireland for a months vacation. Near the end of my vacation I found it hard to breath. However I had the Oxy Ring and If my Oxygen Saturation went below 90% I stop whatever I'm doing and take deep breaths to get it up to 94%And I get it again and recover. I've had it go all the way down to 74% . And that's not "Pretty". You feel like a couple of people are sitting on your.

On my return I see my Oncologist and report the shortness of breath. He diagnoses me as having Pneumonia again. So we fix that with Antibiotics again. Well we're rocking along with Checkups CT Scans.... I've recently experienced increased shortness of breath. Last Thursday after a CT Scan the find I have Fluid outside my lung in my chest Cavity. Now I scheduled for a Thoracentesis next Tuesday. Why dot you Google That!!

At the end of the day. The Ring Oximeter has been a great asset to me ant twice the price. My cousins wife was snoring and I had her wear the ring and It showed that her Oxygen dropped quite a bit while she was sleeping. I gave her a print out of her Breading Record and now she's been treated for Sleep Apnea. Some medical Professionals are blown away by it. Some people ask me is that the latest Cell Phone on your finger. LOLOL1 This thing keeps me out of trouble from letting me know that my Oxygen Level is getting low and if I don't stop what I'm doing i get into a lot of pain. You can set the alarm (Vibration) at any level for your Oxygen Saduration or your heart rate. I set mine at 90 for Oxygen and 95 for pulse rate.

I've purchased some for my Brothers & Sisters. I'm the oldest of 9 and someone has to advise them so they don't become the richest people in the grave yard!

Lastly. The only thing i have a problem with. the rubber Ring that goes around the finger tore yesterday. Its thin as it stretches to fit your finger. Its supposed to be warranted for a year so I hope they will replace it. But I have to have it as it saves me a lot of pain if the oxygen level goes too low.

A great gift for a Senior, Oxygen in the Blood FEEDS the body.

Patricia Durham

FL340 Pulse Oximeter with APP & PC Software, Vibration Notification

Just what the doctor ordered

Doc wanted me to have a sleep study or rent the equipment to do it. Would have took days to do that & only sleep period would be measured. Turns out, I found that O2 was normal during sleep but bad while I was awake. Would have missed that with rented equipment. Great product.

Tom Freeman

FL340 Pulse Oximeter with APP & PC Software, Vibration Notification