1.Dimensions: 5cm (W) x 7.9cm (L) x 11.1cm (H) 
2.Weight: 100g +/- 5 (incl. lithium-battery) 
3.MMAD:2.2 μm 
4.Particle Size:80% of particles < 5μm 
5.Medication capacity:8 ml 
6.Nebulization rate:0.25ml/min,0.35ml/min,0.4ml/min(adjustable by App) 
7.Medication Residue:< 0.1 ml 
8.Power Supply:build-in DC 3.7V / 1800mAh / Li-polymer battery 
9.Battery life: 4 hrs 
10.Charge cycle : 300 times (minimum) 
11.Sound level < 40 db 
12.Game interactivity.(Download for free from App store and Google play.Key word Yirdoc) 
13.No nebulization while exhale 
14.Ambient Temperature: -25 °C - +70 °C

Materials of components