Angelsounds FD100C/JPD-100B Plus Professional Fetal Doppler

$76.95 76.95
The ultrasound is lower than the national ultrasonic power standard by over 50% 
Compact and lightweight design for portability. 
Large backlight LCD displays the fetal heart rate. 
Interchangeable waterproof probe. 
Built-in speaker gives clear and loud voice. 
Automatic shutdown function in case of no work for one minute. 
Fully charged battery enables to work continuously for over 10 hours. 
High sensibility can detect the pulse of 12-week fetus. 
Three calculation modes to calculate fetal heart rate: instant, 10 second average and manual.

Display: LCD display 
Heart Rate Range: 50-210BPM 
Audio output power: 0.5w 
Size: 135mmx84mmx33mm 
Weight: Main body 0.43kg