Angelsounds FD100C/JPD-100B Plus Professional Fetal Doppler

$76.95 76.95

The Angelsounds FL100C/JPD-100B Plus Professional Fetal Doppler is a highly sensitive doppler that can detect fetal heartbeat audio and FHR as early as 12 weeks in pregnancy. Three modes are available to select, including an instant measurement mode, 10-second average, and manual mode. The heartbeat monitor's waterproof probes are interchangeable, allowing users to choose a doppler probe that accommodates their requirements and ensuring an interference-free audio signal.

Sounds of the quiet prenatal heartbeat that the probe sensor digitally recognizes are output through the built-in speaker. The baby doppler also displays the fetal heart rate reading from the sensor onto the monitor's backlit LCD. Continuous monitoring is supported, providing up to 10 hours of listening.


  • The ultrasound is lower than the national ultrasonic power standard by over 50% 
  • Compact and lightweight design for portability.
  • Large backlight LCD displays the fetal heart rate.
  • Interchangeable waterproof probe.
  • Built-in speaker gives clear and loud voice.
  • Automatic shutdown function in case of no work for one minute.
  • Fully charged battery enables to work continuously for over 10 hours.
  • High sensibility can detect the pulse of 12-week fetus.
  • Three calculation modes to calculate fetal heart rate: instant, 10 second average and manual.


This product is not a diagnostic instrument. It is not an approved device for the treatment or prevention of medical conditions. All activity that is monitored and viewed with the device should not be considered a medical conclusion. The use of the machine provides audio and heart rate value that is for non-medical purposes only. For questions regarding medical conditions, please consult with a medical health professional.

Extended Specifications:

Display: LCD Display
Heart Rate Range: 50bpm - 210bpm
Audio Output Power: 0.5w<5 mW/cm2
Size: 135mm x 84mm x 33mm
Weight: Main body 0.43kg