CMS-60C Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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The FDA-approved CMS-60C Handheld Pulse Oximeter is powered by a real-time measurement system for blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate testing. SpO2 and pulse rate measurements are swiftly obtained through the included external oximeter probe. The color TFT display provides clear visual representations of body information in a numeric value, bar graph chart, and waveform animation. The device is suitable for use in hospitals, community medical treatment, sports health care, and home family care.

This handheld pulse oximeter fits comfortably in the user’s hand. A 1.8” TFT color display provides a detailed view of all health functions on the CMS-60C. The onscreen menu is operated using the device’s intuitive button layout. Text and images are clearly displayed on the sharp backlit screen.

A variety of SpO2 and pulse rate probe types can be plugged into the CMS-60C. Optional probe types for this machine include the adult probe, pediatric probe, soft probe, wrap probe, and ear clip probe. A probe adapter is used for additional probe types.  The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 26 hours of working battery life. A standard USB mini cable is used for charging (included).

Auditory and visual alarms in the CMS-60C activate when the oximeter reads body activity levels that are above or below the user’s set limits. A pulse rate audio indicator is also available within the setting options. Screen brightness can be adjusted between three different modes that enable use in dark or low-light conditions. A voltage indicator alerts to the presence of low-voltage levels in the unit that may have an affect on measurement accuracy.

Up to 24 hours worth of measurement data can be transferred and stored on a computer using the included software. The transferred data can then be used for detailed reference or analysis by a medical health professional. The software also features a real-time view of the CMS-60C monitor’s input readings.



Package Includes:

  1. CMS-60C Unit
  2. External Finger Oximeter Probe
  3. DC Power Adapter Plug
  4. USB Connector Cord
  5. Instruction manual

 Software Download (10.9 MB)


CMS-60C Product Video



Soft Probe

CMS60C Soft Probe

Wrap Probe

CMS60C Wrap Probe

Ear Clip Probe

CMS60C Ear Clip Probe

Probe Adapter

CMS60C Probe Adapter



Extended Specifications:
SpO2 Range: 35% - 99%
Resolution: ±1%
Accuracy: ±2% or 2bpm (70% ~ 99%) <70%, unspecified
Pulse Rate Range: 30bpm - 250bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery
Size: 87*45*22mm
Display Type: 1.8" 65K Color TFT
Parameter: SpO2 (2-digit), PR (3-digit), bar graph, Pleth waveform
Adjustable brightness level
1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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