CMS-50F Wristband Pulse Oximeter with Software

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The CMS-50F Wristband Pulse Oximeter swiftly checks blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate from any finger. The included external probe sensor accommodates a wide variety of fingertip sizes. This wrist-based pulse oximeter can be worn overnight for continuous tracking during sleep and is suitable for infants, children, or adults.

SpO2 and pulse rate readings update in real-time on the CMS-50F’s bright display. A single front-facing button on the monitor controls menu navigation, and a variety of data visualizations help the user understand the oximeter’s measurement readings. A standard value, animated bar graph, and animated waveform update in real-time on the sharp screen.

The CMS-50F uses an audio/visual alarm system to alert to improper body placement, high/low activity readings, and accidental detachment of the external probe. The range for limit alerts is adjustable based on the user’s preference. An included clock function and pulse rate tone aid in tracking.

The innovative design of the FDA-approved CMS-50F includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 20 hours of working usage time. Traditional batteries found in other pulse oximeters are expensive to replace and limited by short battery life. The battery’s current charge level displays on the pulse oximeter’s screen.

The user’s external probe plugs into the device’s probe input port. Individuals can wear the measurement probe during or after exercise, and it fits securely on the wearer’s finger. An optional child wrap probe is available for this machine.

Built-in software integration in the CMS50F allows the device to upload data to a computer via USB. The software includes recording management features for detailed reference or analysis by a health professional. The CMS-50F monitors body health and activity at a cost-effective price.


Package Includes

  1. CMS-50F Unit
  2. External Oximeter Probe
  3. USB-C Connector Cord
  4. Instruction manual

Software Download (15.7 MB)


  • Soft fingertip probe for daily activity checks and overnight sleep studies
  • Oxyhemoglobin and pulse value can be shown correctly when pulse-filling rate is 0.4%
  • Deviation is less than ±1% between the value of oxyhemoglobin measured in natural lighting indoor conditions and present lighting sources measured in a dark room
  • Powerful lithium battery, rechargeable with wall charger or via USB
  • SpO2 management software to upload and analyze up to 24 hours of collected data
  • Large multicolor, multi-directional OLED display
  • 4 parameter readings (SpO2, PR, Bar graph, Pulse waveform)
  • Fast, accurate, continuous readings
  • Alarms (auditory and visual) when pulse rate or SpO2 falls below set levels, low voltage is detected, and removal of finger
  • Ultra-lightweight (1.8oz/50g with lithium battery)
  • One-button operation
  • Clock
  • Easy to carry: Wristband


CMS-50F Product Video


Extended Specifications

SpO2 Digital Range: 0% - 99%
Resolution: 70% - 99%, ±2%, 0 - 69%, unspecified
Resolution: ±1% or ±1bpm
Accuracy: ±2% (70-99%) or ±2 bpm 0 - 69%, unspecified
Pulse Rate Range: 30bpm - 250bpm
Measurement Performance in Low Perfusion
Oxyhemoglobin and Pulse value can be shown accurately when pulse-filling rate is 0.4%
Requirement: 3.6V DC - 4.2V DC, 3.7 voltage rechargeable lithium battery (included)
Battery Type: Interior battery, BF
1-year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Interference Resistance Capacity Against Ambient Light
Deviation is smaller than ±1% between value of Oxyhemoglobin measured in natural lighting indoor condition and present lighting sources and that measured in dark room.
Operating Temperature: 10°C - 40°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C - 60°C
Operating Humidity: 30%RH - 75%RH
Storage Humidity: 5%RH - 95%RH
Operating Pressure: 700hPa – 1060hPa
Storage Pressure: 500hPa – 1060hPa
Size: 61*56*24mm
Weight: 1.8oz (50g with lithium battery)
Display Type: OLED
Parameter: SpO2(2-digit), PR(3-digit), bar graph, Pleth waveform
Adjustable brightness level
Alarm Types: Measurement out of set limits, Low voltage, Finger out of position, Probe off

Customer Reviews

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Dry Poor Equipment

The unit wouldn’t power on after a full charge. The print size instructions was so small, they were barely readable. And the Chinese to English translation was awful.  I returned it. 

Have not received the item

The item was suppose the arrive 12/15 but have not received it yet


It was a very nice unit, but it didn’t do what I thought it would do
I didn’t know you had to put you finger in a special piece of equipment and plug it in the watch
I thought it constantly monitored the oxygen level when on the wrist

Great product

This was for my daughter who has sleep apnea. She is unable to use a Cpap or bipap due to the painful pressure on her sinuses. She made accommodations in her sleeping and told her doc she is much better, but he doesn't listen. Now she has data to show her oxygen sats only drop below 90 once during the night for a brief time. Now she can set the alarm to wake her so it doesn't stay there. What a blessing!


Very pleased