FL320 Wrist Pulse Oximeter for Sleep and Fitness - SPO2 & Heart Rate Recorder with Vibration Alerts

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The monitor has vibration settings to wake up the wearer during sleep if their SpO2 drops below the set threshold (80-95%), reducing the risk of low blood oxygenation and related side effects.

Upload data to app/cloud:


Continuous monitoring of SpO2 and Pulse rate

10 hours of continuous recording

Monitoring on mobile devices via Bluetooth

Duckbilled sensor & ring sensor

Overnight monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate

Vibration triggered by low oxygen

Screening for OSA

Tracking SpO2 during exercise maximizes fitness regimens. The monitor reminds the wearer to keep moving throughout the day to reach their step goals

The FL320 is the market’s lightest and smallest SpO2 sleep/fitness monitor. The comfortable thumb sensor frees the wearer’s fingers for movement, unlike other pulse oximeters on the market. Monitors SpO2 (amount of oxygen in the blood) and pulse rate; tracks steps; digital clock displays time.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices. Download the free O2 Vibe mobile app on your devices for syncing with your monitor.

Every required accessory is included: device, one ring sensor, one USB charging cable, one quick start guide

The monitor will vibrate to wake up the wearer if oxygen levels fall below the set threshold range (between 90-95%). The wearer’s partner won’t be disturbed, allowing for peaceful sleep.

* The SpO2 sleep monitor is the lightest and smallest model on the market. The comfortable sensor fits on the user’s thumb so other fingers are able to move freely. 

This device is compatible with most Android and iOS devices. Download the data to your O2 Vibe app for additional viewing and reporting functions. Records up to 20 hours during sleep and 12 hours of day-time activity.

This FL320 monitor is not a medical device. The built in rechargeable battery charges via micro USB (cord included).

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