FL800 Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer for Home Breathing Treatment

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FL800 Intelligent Micro Mesh Nebulizer with Respiration Monitoring and App for Home Breathing Treatment, suitable for children and adults

The Facelake FL800 Mesh Nebulizer features Bluetooth connectivity for linking to your smartphone or tablet. The device’s free app includes game-based training that is scientifically proven to help individuals improve their breathing and extend their duration of breath inhalation, reducing nervous or impatient feelings.

This Intelligent Micro Mesh Nebulizer can be used for various respiratory diseases and symptoms such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, cough, sore throat, common cold etc. This device is suitable for infants, children, and adults. The included mouthpiece and two mask types adapt to different face shapes and sizes, ensuring that the individual using the device receives the correct breathing treatment.

The device is designed to utilize aerosolized liquid medications for inhalation by the patient. The inserted medication is dispensed in a mist for comfortable therapy treatment. In addition to the breathing treatment, sputum is effectively reduced through inhalation of the nebulizer’s mist. This fine mist allows medications to directly reach areas of the body for the most effective treatment, without passing through the stomach-intestine section of the body.

The mesh nebulizer allows for the rate/intensity of the nebulization to be adjusted, with three different levels to choose from. The adjustment setting allows many treatment plan options for a wide range of ages and respiratory diseases to be used. Patients can choose the most suitable atomization strength according to their own needs or doctor’s advice.
  • Connects to a smartphone or tablet
    via Bluetooth

  • Adjustable nebulization rate / intensity

  • Silent operation

  • Automatic detection for correct
    amount of nebulization

  • Excellent portability

  • Charges via USB

  • Suitable for all ages
Unlike conventional nebulizers, this micro mesh nebulizer automatically turns off when it detects the patient exhaling and nebulizes only during inhalation. Through the help of an international patent, the device is designed to use medication efficiently, resulting in savings on your health costs.

With the silent operation of the modern mesh-technology in the Facelake FL800 nebulizer, this model brings the ability to use it both at home and during travel, without disturbing others. This modern technology, paired with the device’s portable design, means that the FL800 Mesh Nebulizer can be used anywhere and anytime.

Tip: Charging the device requires a USB cable. Prior to initial use, please charge the mesh nebulizer for at least ONE hour so that the device can be properly activated.

Inhalation Therapy and Micro Mesh Nebulizer
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Routine Treatment
All Ages

APP: iNeb Intelligent Home Breathing Therapy

With the help of Bluetooth and IoT technology, this Micro Mesh Nebulizer can be connected to your smartphone or tablet. Using your smart device with the Facelake FL800 Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer is simple when used in conjunction with the app's history function. This allows the patient to quickly begin using the device by loading the individual user's settings that are automatically saved to the app.

Game-Based Treatment, Child-friendly

(Game Rules:) 

  1. Begin inhalation to accumulate “energy” for moving the astronaut.
  2. Once you have collected enough “energy,” exhale to automatically lift the astronaut and capture the planets.
  3. Score displays on the bottom right corner of the screen.


The app’s built-in game is controlled simply through breathing. The game encourages proper in- and exhalation so that healthy particles can reach the bronchi more easily. The game-based therapy keeps the training fun with a calm and accessible approach for all ages.

Where can I download the App?

The iNeb App is available for both Android and iOS devices. Search "iNeb" and download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play for free.

Respiration Monitoring

The sensor on the nozzle monitors your breath status at all times. Through this functionality, the correct amount of medication is administered for the patient during treatment. This intelligent technology makes the device easy to use with consistent results.

Highly Effective

Only particles with a size of 1-5μm are ideal for a therapeutic effect. With the help of modern mesh technology, this nebulizer provides an ultrafine particle size of 2.2μm MMAD. This enables the effective ingredients in the medication to reach the alveoli smoothly.

Instant Therapy

Unlike most nebulizers, this mesh nebulizer's small size makes it portable and convenient for storage. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides a charge throughout multiple treatment routines. A travel bag is included for storage of the device and accessories.


    Box contains:
  • 1 x Main Device
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Adult Mask
  • 1 x Child Mask
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • 1 x USB Cable

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If you ever run into problems while using the device, please check the following solutions:

Cannot turn on

Possible reason:
1.The battery is very low
2.The equipment is damaged
3.There are stains on metal contact points of nebulizer in contact with the Atomizing Cup. 
1.Please recharge in time
2.Please contact the authorized service center or manufacturer.
3.Clean the metal contact points of nebulizer and try again. 

No mist

1.The device and atomizing cup are not correctly assembled.
2.The drug produces too much bubble.
3.The mesh plate is clogging.
4.The equipment is damaged.
1.Correct the device by pressing back button,releasing,and introduce the atomizing cup once again until hear a "click".
2.Shake the device slightly or stand the device for a while until the foams disappear and then restart the nebulizer manually.
3.Clean the device by introducing water to atomizing cup,push "ON" button for 3 seconds,and leave device for self-wash.
4.Please connect the authorized service center or manufacturer.

The device is on but weak

1.Battery has low electricity.
2.The mesh plate is clogging.
3.The medicine is not fit for this nebulizer.
4.The mesh plate in the atomizing cup is damaged.
5.The metal contacting point between atomizing cup and main unit is not clean.
1.Please recharge in time
2.Clean the device by introducing water to atomizing cup,push "ON" button for 3 seconds,and leave device for self-wash.
3.The liquid medicine is unfit for this equipment,pls consult a doctor.
4.Please contact the authorized service center or manufacturer.
5.Clean the contact points and start.

Indicator light is blue

The battery is low.
Please recharge in time

Which kind of medicine is suitable for atomization

Consult your doctor
Only use under guidance of doctor's prescription.


Mouthpiece ponding

Condensed into water droplets which is obstructing the mist.
Remove the mouthpiece and pour out all liquid.


Should everyone use their own Accessories

It must avoid cross infection.
Everyone must use their own accessories.


Liquid medicine in the Atomizing Cup is leaking

Atomizing Cup is broken or plastic aging.
Replace of new Atomizing Cup before filling the medicine.


Noise becomes louder when the liquid is running out

The mesh plate vibrates without load while the liquid is running out.
Normal phenomenon


Can not turn on/off the device

1.The lithium battery has not enough electricity
2.The device gets stuck
1.Please recharge in time.
2.Poke the button(power off) beside the USB interface with something poignant.


The device can not turn off by itself when the drug is exhausted

1.Some bubble produced by drug is left in the cup.
2.Atomizing cup failure.
3.There is drug/water left or stains on the electrode.
1.Press the ACTIVE/STAND-BY button and clear the bubble.
2.Please contact the authorized service center or manufacturer
3.Press the ACTIVE/STAND-BY button and clear the electrode.

If you have already tried the above solutions and the device still cannot nebulize normally, Please contact us.

1.Dimensions: 5cm (W) x 7.9cm (L) x 11.1cm (H) 
2.Weight: 100g +/- 5 (incl. lithium-battery) 
3.MMAD:2.2 μm 
4.Particle Size:80% of particles < 5μm 
5.Medication capacity:8 ml 
6.Nebulization rate:0.25ml/min,0.35ml/min,0.4ml/min(adjustable by App) 
7.Medication Residue:< 0.1 ml 
8.Power Supply:build-in DC 3.7V / 1800mAh / Li-polymer battery 
9.Battery life: 4 hrs 
10.Charge cycle : 300 times (minimum) 
11.Sound level < 40 db 
12.Game interactivity.(Download for free from App store and Google play.Key word Yirdoc) 
13.No nebulization while exhale 
14.Ambient Temperature: -25 °C - +70 °C

Materials of components