FL800 Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer

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FL800 Intelligent Micro Mesh Nebulizer with Respiration Monitoring and App, suitable for Children and Adults

1. This nebulizer can be connected with smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The game function of the App and the scientific training will help the children to inhale longer, and the children won't be nervous or impatient any more.

2. The nebulization rate / intensity is now adjustable and there are 3 different levels(Low, Middle,High, as the following photo shows) for you to choose. You have more selections of treatment plans for different ages and different respiratory diseases. Patients can choose the most suitable atomization strength according to their own demand or doctor's advice.

FL800 setting

The App Setting has an automatic memory function, it will automatically save the setup that patient used last time.​

3. Not like conventional nebulizers, This micro Mesh nebulizer will stop nebulizing automatically when you exhale, and it only nebulizes when you inhale. With the help of this international patent the medicine can be more effectively used, and you will save more cost on medicine as well.

4. The modern mesh-technology enables excellent portability and silent operation of nebulizers. You can use it both at home and in travel at any time, without disturbing others.

5. Tips: You can use a USB-Cable to charge the device. Before initial use, please charge the nebulizer for at least ONE hour so that the device can be activated.

Your Intelligent Respiratory Doctor

This Intelligent Micro Mesh Nebulizer can be used for various respiratory diseases and symptoms, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, cough, sore throat, common cold etc.. It's suitable for babies, children of all ages and adults. The suitable mouthpiece and 2 different masks make the correct inhalation particularly easy, and they adapt to the size of the face as well.

Inhalation therapy and Micro Mesh Nebulizer

People usually underestimate the inhalation therapy. The sputum is already solved effectively through simple inhalation of saline solution. Through the present from liquid medication in saline solution the effective ingredients can directly reach where they supposed to work - without taking the detour through stomach-intestine-section.

Thanks to the modern mesh technology and mesh nebulizer, many advantages in inhalation therapy have been able to achieve: short inhalation time, silent treatment process, ultrafine particle size and high portability.

Box Contains:
1 x Main Device incl. Medication Container (8ml Capacity)
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Adult Mask
1 x Child Mask
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Storage Bag
1 x USB Cable

App Function:

App: The intelligence and digitization of inhalation therapy

With the help of Bluetooth and IoT technology, This Micro Mesh Nebulizer can be connected with your smartphone or tablet. The App brings two advantages:

1. Game function, extremely child-friendly:

The children can control the game on the App simply through their breathing. The game will encourage them and teach them to in- and exhale in the right way, so the particles can reach the bronchi optimally. Besides, the game attracts their attention and they won't be anxious or fretful any more during the treatment, so that it doesn't have to be stopped after half of the inhalation time.

(Game Rule:)
1. The bowl will collect energy and the bomb will become bigger when you inhale.
2. As soon as you stop inhaling or you exhale, the bomb will be launched.
3. If the bomb hit the little animals, you will score.
4. At the end of every nebulization, you can check the high score list and dosage.

2. Adjustable nebulization rate:

Another advantage of the App is the adjustable nebulization rate. You can adjust the nebulization rate based on your requirements of dosage. There are 3 different levels: low, middle and high. This Micro Mesh Nebulizer provides personal treatment plans for different ages and different respiratory diseases.

Where can I download the App?

Yirdoc App is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can search "yirdoc" and download the App from Apple App Store or Google Play for free.

Respiration Monitoring

The sensor on nozzle is monitoring your breath status all the time, it nebulizes only when you inhale and stops nebulizing automatically when you exhale. With the help of this international patented technology the medicine can be more effectively used, and you will save more cost on it as well.

Better Effect

Only the particles with size of 1-5μm are ideal for the effect. With the help of modern mesh technology this nebulizer provides a ultrafine particle size of 2.2μm MMAD. The effective ingredients in medicines can reach the alveoli smoothly and works very well.

Instant Therapy

Not like conventional nebulizers, This mesh nebulizer is very portable and it works silent, you can use it at home or on the road at any time without disturbing others.

In order to achieve the optimal power consumption and a better daily treatment, our engineers have chosen the build-in lithium battery, it can be quickly recharged by USB.

Customer Reviews

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FL800 Nebulizer

Does what it is supposed to do. I mainly use it for moisture in my throat. Only use it with bottled water. Have had no issues.


Small,compact, easy to use

Best to date out of 6 different brands

I purchased 2 of these portable rehargable units because I am nebulizer defendant 4 or 5 times a day. Previously I had purchased 5 other brands and the average lifespan of them were 3months. But the ease and ability to take this kind of nebulizer anywhere hooked me on the style. This particular brand seems to be so much more sturdy and gives a great treatment. The charge lasts much longer than other brands. This machine is a considerable cost in comparison but so far, it is well worth it. Recharges in an hour and gives a great treatment. I look forward to being able to update this one on the reliability at about the 3 + month mark. The company has been great to work with to date. Came in the mail before the delivery date. I had questions about their warranty prior to purchase and they responded quickly and stated that they will support the product for a full year, no question and the response was within a couple of hours. Even as we were over the New year holiday. So that is a plus. This machine feels so much more sturdy than the others I have had. From all of my experience I do recommend following cleaning procedure each time you use it. I got a baby bottle warmer to heat the water during the night for cleaning in the case I have to use it in the night I can do so without getting up and to make sure I do the proper maintenance. The only negative to this point is it comes with a hard plastic adult mouthpiece instead of a softer silicone mouthpiece. I have been using the adult mask and am pleased with the treatment. Smaller particles than others I have used and far superior to the 3 compression units I have had over the years. Treatments are deep and take much less time while giving superior results, so I do know I am getting more medication into my lungs and deeper. I find that I actually have to use this machine less times because my treatments are more effective. My only wish would be that my insurance covered it. But so worth the cost.

Small but powerful nebulizer, easy to use

Amazing powerful portable nebulizer, VERY quiet. It uses vibrating screen to nebulize the medication, convert the medicine into aerosol droplet), and it is dispensing the medication very fast. it stops nebulizing automatically when I exhale, in this case, medicine is used more effectively, save money on medicine ! I have used this device for 4 months, I love it!!

If you ever run into problems while using the device, please check the following solutions:

Cannot turn on

Possible reason:
1.The battery is very low
2.The equipment is damaged
3.There are stains on metal contact points of nebulizer in contact with the Atomizing Cup. 
1.Please recharge in time
2.Please contact the authorized service center or manufacturer.
3.Clean the metal contact points of nebulizer and try again. 

No mist

1.The device and atomizing cup are not correctly assembled.
2.The drug produces too much bubble.
3.The mesh plate is clogging.
4.The equipment is damaged.
1.Correct the device by pressing back button,releasing,and introduce the atomizing cup once again until hear a "click".
2.Shake the device slightly or stand the device for a while until the foams disappear and then restart the nebulizer manually.
3.Clean the device by introducing water to atomizing cup,push "ON" button for 3 seconds,and leave device for self-wash.
4.Please connect the authorized service center or manufacturer.

The device is on but weak

1.Battery has low electricity.
2.The mesh plate is clogging.
3.The medicine is not fit for this nebulizer.
4.The mesh plate in the atomizing cup is damaged.
5.The metal contacting point between atomizing cup and main unit is not clean.
1.Please recharge in time
2.Clean the device by introducing water to atomizing cup,push "ON" button for 3 seconds,and leave device for self-wash.
3.The liquid medicine is unfit for this equipment,pls consult a doctor.
4.Please contact the authorized service center or manufacturer.
5.Clean the contact points and start.

Indicator light is blue

The battery is low.
Please recharge in time

Which kind of medicine is suitable for atomization

Consult your doctor
Only use under guidance of doctor's prescription.


Mouthpiece ponding

Condensed into water droplets which is obstructing the mist.
Remove the mouthpiece and pour out all liquid.


Should everyone use their own Accessories

It must avoid cross infection.
Everyone must use their own accessories.


Liquid medicine in the Atomizing Cup is leaking

Atomizing Cup is broken or plastic aging.
Replace of new Atomizing Cup before filling the medicine.


Noise becomes louder when the liquid is running out

The mesh plate vibrates without load while the liquid is running out.
Normal phenomenon


Can not turn on/off the device

1.The lithium battery has not enough electricity
2.The device gets stuck
1.Please recharge in time.
2.Poke the button(power off) beside the USB interface with something poignant.


The device can not turn off by itself when the drug is exhausted

1.Some bubble produced by drug is left in the cup.
2.Atomizing cup failure.
3.There is drug/water left or stains on the electrode.
1.Press the ACTIVE/STAND-BY button and clear the bubble.
2.Please contact the authorized service center or manufacturer
3.Press the ACTIVE/STAND-BY button and clear the electrode.

If you have already tried the above solutions and the device still cannot nebulize normally, Please contact us.

1.Dimensions: 5cm (W) x 7.9cm (L) x 11.1cm (H) 
2.Weight: 100g +/- 5 (incl. lithium-battery) 
3.MMAD:2.2 μm 
4.Particle Size:80% of particles < 5μm 
5.Medication capacity:8 ml 
6.Nebulization rate:0.25ml/min,0.35ml/min,0.4ml/min(adjustable by App) 
7.Medication Residue:< 0.1 ml 
8.Power Supply:build-in DC 3.7V / 1800mAh / Li-polymer battery 
9.Battery life: 4 hrs 
10.Charge cycle : 300 times (minimum) 
11.Sound level < 40 db 
12.Game interactivity.(Download for free from App store and Google play.Key word Yirdoc) 
13.No nebulization while exhale 
14.Ambient Temperature: -25 °C - +70 °C

Materials of components