Atomizing Cup for FL800 Mesh Nebulizer

$29.95 29.95
This Atomizing Cup (Green) is for the FL800 Mesh Nebulizer.

Customer Reviews

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Kathy May Rollins

I got it fairly fast. Even free delivery. I have 2 of the nebulizers but have not been as genteel with the atomizer cups as I should have been. I am delighted with the purchase.

Johnny n
Fl800 works great

This nebulizer works great, its really quiet and portable. Battery life is excellent. I never use my old venturi model anymore.

Great company!

I am nebulizer dependent. 4/5 times a day. I have been using this type of nebulizer for about 3 years. None of the brands lasted longer than 3 months. Usually by the time there was an issue, I was out of warranty and would have to purchase new. So when I purchased Facelake, I purchased 2 units so I would never be without the ability to use a treatment. This nebulizer gives a superior treatment from any nebulizer I have used in 20 + years, so I’m hooked on this brand. The company addresses any issues immediately and it is a year warranty. It is a good idea if you are totally dependent on treatments to get 2 units. Once you use this one, you will never be satisfied with inferior treatments.