FL10 Portable ECG Monitor with Bluetooth, APP and PC software

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The Facelake FL10 ECG Monitor was specially designed for personal tracking of heart activity at home, at work, or while traveling in case of a cardiac situation that needs an immediate EKG recording and evaluation.

The FL10 ECG Monitor records heartbeats and a single-channel EKG for up to 30 seconds. The report can be transferred to a smartphone and shared with a health professional for further review. Results display on the screen in under one minute.

While holding the monitor, it is important to be completely relaxed to ensure the result does not have artifacts. The user’s hands must rest on a sturdy surface or object to accomplish this. Handling the device with care will also aid in obtaining an accurate result. It’s not necessary to grip the monitor tightly.

Heartbeat rate displays in real-time on the 1.77" color TFT-LCD, ECG.

  • Real-time heartbeat display
  • Records 10s/15s/30s single lead ECG
  • Provides immediate results

The device’s health functions can be remotely managed by wirelessly linking the FL10 to the mobile application. The application can automatically start measurements, store ECG readings, upload data, download health results, and obtain immediate advice from a health professional.


  1. 1.77" Color TFT-LCD
  2. Quickly to check ECG once finger touching, convenient to operate
  3. Accurate conclusion can be obtained immediately after measuring
  4. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can continuously record for up to 500 cases in full charging
  5. Bluetooth Transmission
  6. ECG data can be saved to CLOUD Platform permanently, convenient to check and analyze
  7. Historical data can be printed at any time, convenient to diagnose

It can be used to transfer data via Bluetooth and upload the data to the server for viewing health records, trend charts, health suggestions, etc.

Perfect companion for:

  • Monitoring or capturing the activity of cardiac conditions
  • Chronic diseases, especially coronary heart disease, chest pain, palpitations, myocarditis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dyspnea etc.
  • Individuals with a family history of cardiac diseases or that are concerned about their heart health

Save and Share Data Recordings with Health Professionals

With the provided app (Android and iOS), you are able to: 

  • Upload the data to your smartphone (Android, iPhone, or iPad) to save, review, manage, and print
  • Download the reports as PDF files to your phone to share with a health professional
  • Send the data to a cardiologist via email for cardiac performance assessment
  • All services and functions are free

FL10 PC Software Download (1.59 MB)

PHMS Contec Medical Systems Application Screenshots

Transfer Data to Your PC

12 cardiac conditions can be accurately detected:

Arrhythmia - (abnormal heart rhythm, A-Fib is one of the most common arrhythmia) 

  • Missed beat - (skipped beat, the heart's regular rhythm is interrupted by a premature beat)
  • Tachycardia - (heart rate too fast- above 100 bpm)
  • Bradycardia - (heart rate too slow- below 60 bpm)
  • ST elevation
  • ST depression
  • VPB/PVC - (Ventricular Premature Beat, also known as Premature Ventricular Contraction)
  • VPB trigeminy / VPB bigeminy /VPB couple
  • VPB runs of 3
  • VPB runs of 4

Adjust Reading Time

Time length for the FL10's readings can be adjusted in the desktop app.


  1. Plug the FL10 into a PC and open the software
  2. Navigate to the "Download" tab
  3. Locate the "Set Device Para" menu in the bottom right corner
  4. Select the "10", "15," or "30" second option


Note: The FL10 mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS. PC software is compatible
with Windows operating systems.

FL10 PC software example

Extended Specifications:

Operating Temperature: +5°C - +40°C
Operating Humidity: 25% - 80%
Operating Atmospheric Pressure: 700hPa - 1060 hPa
Storage Temperature: -40°C - +55°C
Storage Humidity: Less than or equal to 95%
6. Storage Atmospheric Pressure: 50 kPa - 106 kPa
Dimensions: 100mm(L) X 45mm(W) X 15mm(H)
Weight: ±60g

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