FL40 Handheld ECG Monitor , color screen , SD card slot , real time PC view

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The FL40 is an Ultra-Portable ECG Unit with a 2.8" color TFT screen. It is ideal for EMS/Rescue, physicians, home care, and patient use. 1-lead 30 second ECG Strips and results are displayed on the sharp TFT screen, stored on a Micro-SD Card, or transferred to a PC for archiving or printing. Software is included for transferring data via PC, USB Cable, or 3-lead ECG cable.

The FL40's 0.5 to 75 hertz frequency response provides optimal signal quality. Grid marks are provided at 5mm spacing. The unit can be configured to store 30 second strips or be put in a continuous mode for extended monitoring.

Patients may hold the unit's electrodes between both hands (Lead I), while holding the unit against the left leg with the right hand (Lead II), or while holding the unit against the chest with the right hand (chest lead). Dry skin may cause high impedance, resulting in poor signal quality. Applying water or gel to the skin may improve impedance and ECG signal quality.

For better signal quality, the optional limb clips or snap-ecg electrode cable can be used. The limb clips can be clipped against the patient's wrists or leg. Gentle pressure should be applied to the limp clips to reduce artifacts and noise. The limb clips are especially useful on geriatric patients which may have thin skin that can be easily damaged with electrode use. For the best signal quality and minimal amount of noise on the ECG waveform, use the 3-lead cable with electrodes applied.

The user should always relax when taking measurements. Muscle action may cause noise to appear on the ECG signal.

The unit will automatically power off if a key is not pressed within 1 to 10 minutes (user configurable).


  • FDA 510(K)# K080933
  • Measurement: ECG and heart rate
  • Leads: I, II, and III
  • Micro-SD Card supported
  • Detailed EKG analysis report
  • ECG arrhythmia analysis
  • Convenient cable-free operation
  • PC software for data management and analysis
  • ECG cable and electrodes (optional)
  • Measurement in 30 seconds
  • Memory for a maximum of 30-second ECG measurements
  • Continuous measurement supported
  • Backlight LCD display
  • Auto power-off in 60 seconds
  • Low battery indicator
  • Two AAA batteries included
  • Each set of batteries can last up to 500 measurements.

Extended Specifications:

Display: 60mm x 45mm unicolor LCD
One Measurement Channel
Signal Bandwidth: 250Hz
Heart Rate: 30bpm - 100bpm ±2bpm; 101bpm - 240bpm ±4bpm or 2%
Dimensions: 140mm x 75mm x 26mm
Weight: 125g (not including two AAA batteries)
Operating System Support: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7

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FL40 Handheld ECG monitor