FL50 ECG Monitor with Pulse Oximeter

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The FL50 Vital Signs Monitor innovatively integrates multiple functionalities into one portable unit. It supports cable-free measurement of ECG, SpO2, and Systolic blood pressure. The compact size (64g) of the FL50 allows you to travel with the device and check your health activity anywhere. In under 20 seconds, the Daily Check function provides heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and PI (Perfusion Index) readings. The FL50 is suitable for personal, home, and family use.

A user-friendly 2.4" color touch screen, intuitive interface, and audio instructions are built-in to the machine. The electrode sensors check vital levels without requiring an external cable or wire connection. Two modes for Lead I and Lead II measurements are available to select within the user preferences. The FL50 also connects to a computer and integrates with the included software for recording management.

    ECG Recorder
  • ECG Recorder in your pocket
  • Built-in high-quality electrodes
  • Cable-free measurement takes only 30s
  • Full disclosure waveform can be replayed
  • Professional ECG algorithm provided
  • Two measure mode: Lead I and Lead II
    Pulse Oximeter
  • Built-in SpO2 sensor
  • Cable-free SpO2 measurement
  • Pulse rate and perfusion index are also available

Daily Check
Daily Check function measure multi vital signs in 20 seconds, such as Heart Rate, SpO2, PI (Perfusion Index).


PC Software

EC Directive: MDD, 93/42/EEC. R&TTE, 1999/5/EC. ROHS 2.0, 2011/65/EU
Degree Protection Against Electrical Shock: Type BF
Size: 88 x 56 x 13 mm
Weight: Less than 80 g (main unit)
Display: 2.7" touch screen, HD
Connector: Micro D connector
Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

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FL50 ECG Monitor with Pulse Oximeter