CMS50K Wearable Wrist SpO2/ECG/Pedometer with Bluetooth for iPhone & Android

$159.95 159.95

The FL500/CMS50K Wearable SpO2/ECG Monitor integrates SpO2, ECG, and pedometer functionality in one device. ECG is recorded directly from the user’s wrist with the ECG Electrode (Anode) that is located on the monitor. The FL500 offers up to 8 hours of continuous monitoring during the day or overnight. The optional USB probe sensor is required for measuring blood oxygen levels.

This portable device is made with high-quality stainless steel materials. The FL500 uses IP54 water resistant components to protect the monitor from liquids and dust. The sweatproof strap includes a stainless steel clasp that secures the machine on the user’s wrist. The color screen displays SpO2 value, pulse rate value, heart value (ECG waveform), step count, and total calories burned.

The FL500 integrates with the free mobile app to transfer data history via Bluetooth. The step counter includes a user identification number to track usage of the pedometer. The built-in clock displays the date, minutes, and seconds.

The FL500’s pulse oximetry technology records the blood concentration of photoelectricity and pulse volume to achieve non-invasive continuous spot-check monitoring. The ECG functions in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The FL500 is not recommended for treating health-related symptoms. The device is only intended for personal use at home as an ECG, pedometer, and storage device. Operation of the device is simpler and less demanding than similar SpO2/ECG monitors.

  • Compact appearance, easy to operate, and easy to carry.
  • Can detect and record body activity in real time for measurements of oxygen values, pulse rate value, ECG, heart rate, step count, and calorie count.
  • The real-time clock function can display date, minutes, and seconds.
  • Applications: This instrument is intended for family and personal health. Not a substitute for conventional oxygen electrocardiographs used in clinical medical examinations.
  • Suitable for long-term work pressure, heart disease, the elderly, and health groups.