Hearing aid in the canal, battery-operated

$98.95 98.95
This hearing aid is designed for those with mild or moderate hearing loss only. It is not for severe and profound hearing losses.

FDA approved

ITC aids are smaller, filling only the bottom half of the external ear. You usually cannot see very much of this hearing aid when you are face to face with someone.

Its shape allows it to fit neatly into the ear canal. It accommodates both left and right ear fitting. You can insert the hearing aid and adjust it yourself.

* 260 hours for continuous use, Ultra-light body with low power consumption
* Streamline pocket carry box with auto-shut-off function when the unit is put back
*Ultra-smal body with digital function
* 1 x cleaning brush is included
- deft miniature hearing aid with low distortion, noise.
- volume can be adjusted to all condition
- battery: 2 x pr41 (button size)
- to prevent from children swallowing, battery cover should be torn down with tool.
- Total Harmonic distortion valuse of easily:

2500Hz: below 3% / 800Hz: below 4% / 500Hz: below 4% .
- standard frequency: 2500hz
- out volume: 25-35db
- sound pressure level: 104-113db (below 117 db)
- input interference level: below 29db
- battery current: below 0. 8ma
- battery life: 260 hours (11days)