FL64B Behind The Ear Rechargeable Hearing Aids

$98.95 98.95

Our Behind-The-Ear(BTE) rechargeable Hearing Aid is designed for those with mild or moderate hearing loss only. It is not for severe and profound hearing losses.

Our Behind-The-Ear(BTE) rechargeable Bionic digital Hearing Aid has convenient rechargeable battery. It can be recharged by AC Adapter or by 1 AA Alkaline Battery at home or on the go. Unlike many traditional battery-operated hearing aids, you don't have to buy or change batteries-ever.

* Behind-the-ear body to set on either ear firmly.
* New "Noise-Free" function built in.
* Per each charge for 12-hour use.
* Maximum to 1,000 times of recharge

BTE rechargeable Hearing Aid Size: 42*14*19 mm.
BTE rechargeable Hearing Aid Weight: 5.6 grams or 0.197 oz.

With this special offer, you will receive everything you need:

1 Charging Case that doubles as storage
1 Hearing Aid
1 Cleaning Brush
3 Ear Cap sizes (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small)
1 AA Alkaline Battery
1 AC Adapter

FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Registration # 3005053820,
FDA Owner/Operator # 9071124
USA Patent No.: US 7,062,057 B2